The Russian Five

The Russian Five — Review and Interview with Filmmaker Joshua Riehl

Just in time for the 2019 NHL playoffs, The Russian Five gives hockey fans what has to be the best nonhockey hockey film ever. For sports doc nuts, it’s paydirt. If hockey isn’t your sport and sports films aren’t your thing, and you just like a crazy good on the edge of your seat, Cold War spy thriller with restrained animation (to avoid staged cheesy reenactments) you are so in luck...

Dirty Bomb

— A Little Known Holocaust Story and Interview with Actor Ido Samuel Dirty Bomb — A Little Known Holocaust Story and Interview with Actor Ido Samuel

Ido Samuel is not the first actor to radically change his body for a part but he is one who bore the responsibility of a story so much bigger than himself that he didn’t feel like he had a choice. Written and directed by Valerie McCaffrey, Dirty Bomb is a short film being made into a feature about a group of Jewish scientists...

Daniel Webber Is all about The Dirt

Australian, Daniel Webber, sports one of those faces that must be handy to have as an actor. From Lee Harvey Oswald to his latest role as Vince Neil, in the film, The Dirt, the millennial actor is convincing as the Gen-X, headbanging, coke snorting, hard rocking, hotel-destroying lead singer of Mötley Crüe. Based on the band’s autobiography, the film follows the band’s rise to fame and what money can and can’t do for people...

Edie Brickell, Album release show, written by Jennifer Parker

Nothing about NYC on a chilly fall evening screams, “Go to a concert at a venue with no seats.” When it rains in the city, the streets become mini lakes, the storm drains oh after about 15 minutes of rain can’t keep up. The leaves having blown off the trees are now clogging the drains so that the average person is up to her ankles in a stew of discarded cigarette butts, dog poo and bits of trash.

The Truth About Killer Robots

“A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.”

Maxim Pozdorovkin’s high concept documentary, The Truth about Killer Robots should stop you for a second, make you drop the little device in your hand (after you’re done reading this article, ha) and see if you can still relate to people without a robot running interference. How does the word “truth” make you feel? Does it challenge you? Does it mock contemporary media?

Shaunette Renee Wilson

Photography by Erik Rasmussen

Written by Jennifer Parker

Styled by Jason Rembert

Makeup by Nina Soriano

Last year, Shaunette Renée Wilson and her Yale classmate, Sean Patrick Higgins, wanted to do something creative. They came up with the idea for the short film, White Flags, about consent and what it means to be a part of today’s dating culture. They chose a theme that’s very much in the zeitgeist and palpable, but the film takes a more far more intimate perspective...

"The Last Race" by Jennifer Parker — Across The Margin

An in-depth look at Michael Dweck’s The Last Race, a documentary about a small-town stock car racetrack striving to hold onto an American racing tradition as the world around it is transformed by globalization and commercialization…

When I first saw the trailer for The Last Race, a few questions (forgive me) raced through my mind. WTF? Do I want to see a documentary about the last stock car race track on Long Island?